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Memorial Weekend is here! Take a Trip to Galveston for some Fun! - Date 05/25/2017

Ever needed a place to go to see exotic animals, aquariums and water slides? Well look no more, Moody Gardens in Galveston TX has just the thing with year around events!

Learn How to Coupon with these Great Tips! - Date 05/03/2017

Coupons are not just a fad, but a great way to save money. From groceries to pet needs there is always a way to gain more for your buck. This simple guide is a great way to learn how to benefit from using coupons.

Organize Your Kitchen with these Helpful Tips! - Date 04/20/2017

Packing your kitchen pantry is key to a stress-free unpack when you move into your new apartment home. We have you covered from start to finish.

Check out these GREAT Storage Ideas for your Closet! - Date 04/14/2017

Having an extensive wardrobe with a normal apartment closet isn’t always easy. To make the most of your small closet space try using these methods!

DIY T-Shirt Crafts that are Perfect for a Rainy Day! - Date 04/10/2017

It happens to all of us. You clean out your closet and have some old T-shirts that are too stained to donate, but you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away. Now you can make a cool new mat for your apartment!

Stay in and Get Your Craft on in your Apartment at Bardin Oaks - Date 04/05/2017

Can’t think of what to do this weekend? Stay in and get your craft on! You can make your apartment home dazzle by doing one of these 14 craft projects.

Try these tips to make your living room feel larger than it is! - Date 02/24/2017

Everyone loves an open and breezy living room! Sometimes that can be hard to accomplish with an apartment size living room. Try these tips to make your living room feel larger than it is!

Everyone Wants Healthy Looking Carpet! Learn How to Keep Yours Looking like New! - Date 02/22/2017

Did you know that not vacuuming often can actually shorten the life expectancy of your carpet? See what you can do to help your apartment “stay healthy”.

Check out these Preventative Steps to Keep your Vehicle Happy and Healthy! - Date 02/06/2017

Listen to your car! Keep it well maintained and dependable so that it can last longer, these preventive steps are an easy way to save a bigger hassle down the line.

Needing a getaway for the entire family? - Date 02/01/2017

Visit Kemah Boardwalk! 20 minutes from downtown Houston. Kemah Boardwalk offers year around fun offering waterfront restaurants, amusement rides, retail stores and seaside shows daily!